Industrial PC

Customized processing power, interfaces and operation

Powerful industrial PCs are the technical prerequisite for modern, PC-based automation concepts. The industrial PCs from TRsystems are custom-assembled. They fulfil the necessary requirements on processing power and adapt perfectly to the planned application environment. This refers to both special climatic conditions such as extreme temperatures, and mechanical installation situations such as panel installation or arm-mounted installation.

Built-in panel PCs are used in switch cabinets, for example, while arm-mounted panel PCs are very easy to access on the machine. 19’’ racks or compact PC boxes are used in switch cabinets. Heavy-duty PCs can withstand even strong vibrations, thanks to decoupling of the internal chassis from the mounting frame. And with DIN rail-mountable PCs, even power-hungry control, measurement and inspection tasks can be handled decentrally in the field.

All industrial PCs and components from TR-Electronic at a glance:


Independent operating platform “notion.ABC”

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Screens and touch screens for industrial use
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Built-in panel PCs

Maximum processing power for cabinets and desks
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Arm-mounted panel PCs

Maximum processing power directly at the machine
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19’’ racks

The modular processing solution for industrial applications
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PC boxes

Clever basic industrial PCs for wall and cabinet mounting
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Heavy-duty PCs

Reliable processing power under extreme conditions
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DIN rail-mountable PCs

Compact PCs for decentralized control, measurement and inspection tasks in the field
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All computer systems always live
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