Compact industrial standard with the newest encoder profile V4.2: PROFINET encoder made by TR Electronic

Second generation PROFINET encoders made by TR Electronic support the most recent encoder profile V4.2 issued by PI. In addition to RT applications, our encoders also support IRT (for isochronous real time) including an Isochronous Mode Application. A suitable configuration of the network´s topology (e.g. in TIA Portal) guarantees easy commissioning and replacement of the […]

Single cable solution gets full certification

Absolute rotary encoders with EtherCAT-P In time for the spring of automation, the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) confirms that the absolute rotary encoders of the latest generation from TR-Electronic with EtherCAT-P meet all the required standards. This means that the innovative single-cable solution is also officially available for rotary encoders, which are available in the […]

Analog with remote teach-in

Absolute rotary encoder with analog interface TR-Electronic offers a multifunctional analog interface in the latest encoder series. The 16-bit D / A converter processes the multiturn position signal and thus supplies an output signal proportional to the angle of rotation. The speed signal can also be used, with which a speed feedback can be implemented […]

Ship ahoy! Linear encoder certified for maritime applications

Triple redundant linear encoder LMR70-A now approved for offshore applications. The double or triple redundant absolute linear encoders LMR70 from TR have been reliably performing their service in particularly difficult environments for many years. Up to 3 sensor elements work simultaneously in this measuring system. Each has its own connection with supply voltage and signal […]

Rotary encoder with large pinion

The question arises again and again: “How do I get the movement into the encoder?” For rotary encoders that monitor pitch adjustment in wind turbines, pinions that engage directly in the pitch adjustment gear rim have proven the preferred solution. This monitors the movement “at the end” of the drive train and thus records the […]

Pioneering Spirit

TR safety encoders help lifting complete drilling platforms. With a length of 382 meters and a width of 124 meters, the Allseas Pioneering Spirit is the largest work ship in the world. The Pioneering Spirit was specially developed to lift large offshore platforms of up to 48,000 tons out of their anchoring (“jacket”) and to […]

Incremental encoder with fixed resolution

TR-Electronic provides new series of fixed-resolution incremental encoders. Resolution of new series incremental encdoders is set in factory. Family IE_58 supports resolutions 2 up to 10.000 pulses per turn; family IO_58 is capable of resolutions up to 65.536 pulses. Incremental rotary encoders series I__58 can be obtained with solid shaft, blind and hollow-through shaft for […]

Construction site 4.0 – Excavators get autonomous

Linear measurement systems by TR-Electronic supports innovative project A team of pupils from Vorarlberg undertook nothing less than a fundamental innovation in the construction industry when they started automating an excavator as part of an “innovative week” project in their final year. The project turned into a diploma thesis, the team has grown and the […]

Analog in the digital age

Absolute encoder from TR-Electronic with freely configurable analog interface Even in the age of Industrial Ethernet, IO-Link and Industry 4.0, analog signal transmission is still widespread and is used in new systems. It is a very cheap alternative on the control side if the desired resolution is suitable for analog transmission. Even the simplest controllers […]

Compact absolute encoder for SIL3 applications with CIPsafety Ethernet/IP

Compact absolute encoder for SIL3 applications with CIPsafety Ethernet/IP CD_582+FS Ethernet/IP – CIPsafety made by TR-Electronic SIL3 / SIL 2 – Ethernet/IP CIPsafety rotary encoder in industrial standard size 58mm Redundant layout (KAT4): two fully independent multiturn absolute encoders in the size of a single one Incremental output as an option (HTL, TTL, sincos) Ethernet/IP […]