Profile housings

Profile housings

Linear encoder in profile housing can be mounted into machines or apparatus. One type has integrated magnet guidance capability, the others are flat without guidance. Those can be integrated flush mount into surfaces and thus have no gaps or edges where chips or shavings might stick.

All systems are available with multi magnet detection. That means that position of several Magnets on a single encoder can be detected in one measurement cycle.

With cascadable linear absolute encoders in profile housing, measurement ranges of up to 20 m can be detected – e.g. positioning of cutting rollers or as wear free replacement for string pods in vertical axis in storage and retrieval systems.

LP46 - Profilgehäuse


Resolution 1µ
Range up to 4000 mm
Direct interfaces, Fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet



Resolution 0,01 mm
Range up to 3000 mm
Direct interfaces
(SSI, Analog), CAN


LMP48 - Profilgehäuse


Resolution 0,1 mm
Range up to 2500 mm
Direct interfaces



Profiles with guided magnets

Profiles carry the magnet slider. The relative position between magnet and measurement system is maintained by the guiding tracks on the profile.

Series 46
Series 48

Profile ohne Magnetführung

Profiles without magnet guidances

Profiles are flat. Relative position between magnet and sensor is maintained by guidance chosen and setup by customer


LMC55 - Kaskadierbar


Be it short or long: Easily assembled. LMC 55 linear encoder: no wear, up to 20 m absolute position detection.



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