Series I_582+FS

Safety incremental encoders - Series I_582+FS

The solution doesn’t always have to be complicated. An incremental rotary encoder is just the ticket for the safe detection of speed, direction of rotation or stationary monitoring. The use of certified components makes us your one stop shop for complex application solutions. We offer the safety-certified incremental rotary encoder IE58+FS (Functional Safety).

  • Signals: Square wave HTL, TTL; SinCos
  • Certified for applications up to SIL 3 / PLe
  • Resolutions (factory set): 1024, 2048, 4096, 1 zero pulse per turn
  • Differentially designed signal paths
  • IV58+FS: solid shaft 10 mm, keyway
  • IS58+FS: blind shaft up to 12 mm, keyway
  • IH58+FS: hollow through shaft up to 12 mm, keyway

To fulfill the certified safety functions, the safety-oriented incremental rotary encoder IE58+FS is connected to a safety module, which then performs the relevant inspection. For the development and certification of the IE58+FS, modules from different manufacturers have been integrated and tested with the IE58+FS.

All I_58+FS encoders at a glance: