Series IDx58P

Incremental encoder, resolution hardware coded - Series IDx58P
  • Resolution 10.000 periods / turn
  • 2 independent detections
  • 2 independent output channels HTL/TTL
  • Redundant power supply 4,75..27 VDC
  • MTTFd are specified for each channel

Applications that require higher availability or safety are constantly growing. Usually, encoders with redundant double detections are bigger that those with single detection and interface. ID_58P by TR-Electronic provides now an incremental encoder that contains two fully independent detections and uses the space of a standard 58-mm incremental encoder. Angular position is detected by magnet, the rotary encoder can be used in critical climate conditions. The electronic parts of both encoders integrated are executed fully redundantly from power supply to signal output. Resolution and position of reference impulse can be ordered independently for each channel. This can be used if a single axis has to provide two incremental signals with different resolutions for detection in two different control systems.