Differentiation criteria


Is the perfect product for long years of use at a high activity ratio.We have many years of experience a wide range of available measurement lengths. The eye of the measuring rope is plastic-coated with a removable ball for a flexible rope connection. There are options like low-temperature lubricants (-30 … +80 °C), bellows at the rope outlet, a simple and double pulley, a left or right rope outlet, respectively, the rotary encoder is placed left or right in the housing to the regarding to the rope outlet. The spring assembly is laid out for a long lifetime at a high frequency. It has a high precision. The rope is in an endless flute. The rope drum moves into a position that point of counting is exactly beneath the rope outlet.
The housing is made of aluminum and the spring assembly out of plastic. Due to an internal thread the mounting can be done precisely.


Same features as the SL, but it is approved for explosion-proof applications fitting to our AE_70


is ideal for normal automation tasks. The rope drum moves into a position, that point of counting is exactly beneath the rope outlet. It is available with a hook at the rope end (P60, P69) or a becket out of brass (P115). It has a simpler rope outlet. It is available with simple pulley. The entire rope drum including the spring assembly is built into continuous casting aluminum housing. There are flutes on three sides ease the mounting with a nut slot.


Is a reasonable product for simple measurement applications with precision subordinated. It fits with our magnetic rotary encoder, but is also available with optical rotary encoders. It has a small rope drum. Though it won’t move its position as the SL30 or WDS, there are just minor differences. The rope drum uses the bearing and shaft the build-in rotary encoders. The housing is made of plastic and the becket is out of brass.