encoTRive positioning drive – MP

Auxiliary or main drives with flexible configuration options

encoTRive MP compact drives are perfectly suited for use as auxiliary or main drives for cyclical format setting, dynamic coarse positioning, fine positioning and constant steady speed, for example in woodworking machines, packet ejectors, profile measuring machines and X-ray analysis machines.

Thanks to flexible configuration options with different transmission types and gear reductions, the encoTRive MP 200 compact drive especially shows its strengths in special machine construction with constantly changing machine configurations. It is also ideally suited for use as a powerful positioning drive or auxiliary drive for peripheral machine functions with special mechanical requirements.

The encoTRive MP xxx drive series is available with either planetary or worm gear. This compact drive can be flexibly configured with different gear reductions. encoTRive MP xxx drives are excellently suited for large-scale production, as positioning drives or as auxiliary drives for peripheral machine functions with moderate mechanical requirements.
encoTRive MP drives are generally equipped with electronically commutated motors.

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