Compact industrial standard with the newest encoder profile V4.2: PROFINET encoder made by TR Electronic

Second generation PROFINET encoders made by TR Electronic support the most recent encoder profile V4.2 issued by PI. In addition to RT applications, our encoders also support IRT (for isochronous real time) including an Isochronous Mode Application. A suitable configuration of the network´s topology (e.g. in TIA Portal) guarantees easy commissioning and replacement of the encoder. Fast startup and media redundancy protocol respectively provide either a minimized startup time to operational or a highly machine availability.

Reset to factory settings is possible with an optional reset switch on the encoder.

TR’s absolute rotary encoders may be equiped with an additional, secondary interface, e.g. SSI, INC. Encoders provide fractional gearbox parameters (numerator / denominator) for almost any reproduction of gearbox factors for exact detection of closed rotary axes. Absolute adjustments (also called “preset“ or “offset adjustment“) can be performed synchronously with the control cycle even while the system is in cyclic operation.

TR’s second generation PROFINET encoders are available in a wide range of shaft and flange versions. Further, interface connectivity may be oriented both in axial or radial directions.