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  • Non-contact, closed-loop-capable, seamlessly into Industrial Ethernet

    Non-contact, closed-loop-capable, seamlessly into Industrial Ethernet

    Absolute position measurement with laser for direct integration in PROFINET.

    The LE 25 laser measuring systems from TR-Electronic measure the position of moving targets fast enough to suit as feedback for position control loop. With a measuring length of 50 m, horizontal axes in medium-sized high-bay warehouses can be easily measured. The short measuring cycles are made possible by the use of a reflector which, thanks to its reflection behavior, can be aligned quickly without optical aids. Thus, the laser remains in the problem-free laser protection class 2 despite the continuously working beam. The visible red light laser facilitates commissioning and adjustment without tools. Since an absolute position value is determined with each measuring cycle, the relative speed between the sensor system and the reflector is almost arbitrary. Speeds in high-bay warehouses or similar logistical applications are no challenge for LE 25.

    With its direct connection to PROFINET, the LE 25 provides a fast bus interface that reliably meets the performance requirements of a position control system. The control loop can thus be closed directly via the automation bus. This gives plant engineers more flexibility in the spatial arrangement of their components. An SSI connection between LE 25 and inverter is no more needed. The reduced device mass (in comparison to LE 200) has a positive effect on the total mass of the high-bay storage-and-retrieval-system, especially with moving sensors.

    The certificate of the PROFIBUS user organization certifies TR the highest conformity class C and the suitability for isochronous real time operation. The device can be parameterized completely via PROFINET and also outputs status messages for preventive machine maintenance via the acyclic services. LE 25 is available with EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and IO-Link as well. All these interfaces provide additional diagnostics and therefore perfectly prepare LE 25 for industry 4.0 applications.


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