Two encoders in a standard installation space

CDV58M - Zwei Drehgeber im Standardbauraum

CD_58MM is a completely duplicated multi-turn shaft encoder that fits into the standard installation space of a 58 mm shaft encoder. A typical encoder with slip-on hollow shaft (blind-hole shaft) requires a depth of ca. 65 mm with a nominal diameter of 58 mm and a lateral connector. The CD_58MM therefore fits anywhere where a simple SSI or incremental rotary transducer with 58 mm diameter could work.

The angular position of main shaft and multi-turn satellites are detected magnetically only, thus making the shaft encoder insensitive to condensation. The electronics of both encoder modules are designed redundantly from power supply to signal output. Different SSI clock rates and independently programmed resolution and zero points are possible.

  • Synchronous serial interface
  • Solid shaft and slip-on hollow shaft
  • Standard EU (metric) and US (imperial) shafts and flanges
  • Fully independent single and multi-turn scans.

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